We are skiers who code. Our parent company, Treeline Interactive, was founded in Lake Tahoe, CA where we got our start building some of the earliest terrain mapping technologies. For over ten years we have been working with resorts and the action sports communities to create award-winning websites, mobile apps, and innovative technologies. (and hitting the slopes with our clients)

We built TrailTap to overcome the biggest challenges resorts face when creating their mobile presence. Establishing a mobile app presence is complex, can take months to deliver, and is a significant investment. Supporting both the iOS and Android platforms, updating code to accommodate new operating systems, and testing across a multitude of devices are just some of the factors that make developing and maintaining a mobile app difficult for resorts.

The Trail tap platform has all the features that guests demand and is highly customizable. Using your icons, graphics, color schemes, and tailored content, provides your resort with a one of a kind mobile app with the power and stability of an industry platform. Additionally, the way we've designed the TrailTap Platform allows for custom features to be built on top of the existing code base. 

Contact us today and let's discuss how we can get your resort the world class mobile app it deserves.